Mental Health Self-Help Groups

Group Activity Partnerships have been successful in providing services across the region.

group activities adecMental Health Self-Help Groups

ADEC facilitates mental health support groups for people with mental health issues, their carers and family members in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish
  • Somali Women’s Mental Health and Well Being Group


The goal of these groups is to assist people from ethnic communities affected by mental illness with developing knowledge, skills and support networks that contribute to their recovery and reduction of the negative impact of mental illness.

These groups meet monthly and offer culturally appropriate information, education, peer support and recreation sessions. Members can feel comfortable to support each other and receive information in their own languages about mental health and mental health services. These groups not only help individual group members, but also have a role in reducing the stigma of mental illness within their communities.


The following people are invited to make use of the Mental Health Support Group:

  • People diagnosed as experiencing mental illness who are under the care of a psychiatrist, general medical practitioner, or a mental health worker;
  • Referred people (or self-referred people) who believe that an individual will benefit from the support group;
  • Self-referred clients experiencing mental health issues;
  • People experiencing mental illness who speak the language of the particular self-help group or have poor English language skills;
  • People on a voluntary community treatment order (but not people on a involuntary community treatment order).


All clients who wish to join ADEC's programs can do so through telephone, email, in person or in writing. Consumers can also be referred to ADEC by service providers or other family members/significant others.

If a person is ineligible for the ADEC service, we will advise you of other options and/or refer you to another appropriate service provider, where appropriate.

If you would prefer to speak to us in your own language telephone us and:

  • leave your name
  • the language you speak
  • and your telephone number

 We will contact you through a telephone interpreter service.

To refer a client/ self referral or to learn more about this program please call ADEC on (03) 9480 1666 and speak to the intake worker. Intake can take from 1 to 2 weeks for call backs.