My Aged Care

Access and Support

Group Activities Programs

20190615 104148V1 The Group Activities Program offers a unique social support opportunity for carers and care recipients. The program was established more than ten years ago with only two language groups



Assist individuals living with a disability and their carers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Respite Program

Older Carers Respite

Transcultural Mental Health Resources

Transcultural Mental Health Program

The goal of ADEC’s Transcultural Mental Health Access Program (TMHAP) is to improve access to mental health services for people from multicultural backgrounds.

Fees and Charges

Become a member and help ADEC help our clients and the community.

Community Development Program

Our Community Development Programs help incease access to mental health services for ethnic communities.

Mental Health Self-Help Groups

Group Activity Partnerships have been successful in providing services across the region.

Intake & Referral

All clients who wish to request use of ADEC programs can do so through telephone, email, in person or in writing. Consumers can also be referred to ADEC by service providers, the NDIS, My Aged Care or family members/significant others.